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Male, Age 57 | Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Looking for a Woman (Relationship)
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About me

I honestly wish that this personals site would work the way we all want it to, because like all of you, I really miss having that special connection with someone. I just wish that I could meet someone special that really "wowed" me. I'm not that hard to please, but I do know what works for me. I'm a romantic at heart. I have my rough edges, but I also have a very soft heart of gold that is full of love to give to the right person - she just hasn't shown up yet. And because I am of the opinion that when I give to my partner in an unselfish, loving and caring manner, I receive ten-fold in return. That means I LOVE showing you how much I care about you in a relationship by leaving small hand-written notes in inconspicuous places so you find them when you least expect it, sending roses to you at work for no reason at all other than because I think you deserve them, having you sit in front of me on the floor while I brush your hair, calling or texting you in the middle of the day just to tell you that I miss you and I'm thinking about you, cooking dinner together and then curling up on the couch afterwards with soft music and a glass of your favorite wine by candlelight, having you lay your head in my lap while I run my fingers thru your hair.....(these are just a few of the things I could think of off the top of my head that I'm into)...
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  • Profession: have one

My Appearance

  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

My Life Style

  • Marital status: Widowed
  • Children: No
  • Smokes?: No
  • Drinks?: Sometimes

Golf Life

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smilebackellis12's perfect match

I am looking for in a woman? Well to begin, i would like to say, that it does NOT matter to me whether you are rich or poor. What kind of job you have, if any, the car you drive, how big your house is, how fancy your clothes. or what level of education you have. Every woman here has an equal chance to win my heart my honor, and my love as long as you are within my search criteria . Love is priceless and it is never measured by success or from material items. If it was, why are all of us successful people still searching for it? Hmmm. Yes, it seems very elusive to us all. She is honest and trusting. She must know what love is and how to have a long lasting, mature relationship. She must not ever lie, cheat or steal her way through life. She has integrity and a sense of self worth, drive, purpose and ambition. Most of all i would like her to have a very positive outlook on life. Be optimistic and not narrow minded or so closed off, that she cant see the bigger picture in life. I would love to meet you. Send a message and we can go from there. If not..well, good luck with you're search and i do hope you find the best one for you. God bless each and every member here, and lets all do what we can to make this world a better, brighter, safer place for our future and, for all of mankind. Thanks for taking the time to view my profile!