FCGatorgolfer: California golfing
Male, Age 65 | Camarillo, California, United States | Looking for a Woman (Relationship)
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About me

New to California. The folks here are so nice. Anything can be done as long as you put your mind to it. Be positive and watch it happen. I was born in June. I like the Scottish country side, fast greens and windy fairways. I'm a big Florida Gator fan, who adores my 2 dachshunds and black Labrador. Allergic to cats, sorry. I believe in the ultimate Mulligan Jesus. I play for fun not for a living so let's have fun. I love to play and like to practice because when I practice I get to hit more shots. The problem with playing well is you don't get to hit a lot of shots. The good part of playing well is you get to spend more time visiting with your playing partners and developing friendships. It's a good tradeoff because in the end it's about WHO you play with rather than what your score is. Remembering you can always play alone but where is the fun it that? I actually love the theater. There is usually a pretty good story to be told. I can cook and I know how to open a bottle of champagne. I'm still trying to figure the queen's gambit (chess: it keeps the mind active). I can play tennis it keeps me in shape to walk the course.When I ran I would run and talk to my running partner. I miss that. Born and raised in French Canada and yes I can speak French but I’m an American by the grace of God and the state department. I have the uncanny ability to be able to transfer what I read into practice so I can do roofing, electrical work, drywall, ironing (yes ironing) Ok so I didn’t read that one in a book. I have a science degree and an IT degree. I didn't make medical school so I had to make a living another way. Played hockey in Montreal, did hurricane relief during Katrina and worked habitat for humanities in Dallas. Strongly Christian although I am glad if you believe in God, the flavor is always up for discussion. I love restoring my classic motorcycle although I‘m having more fun in the construction than in the desire to drive it. It’s like a big puzzle. You can see me and the motorcycle at Youtube 1980 Suzuki restoration project. As for music I am open to anything that sounds good, from Paul Potts to country to rock. I’m not so much into organ music. Don’t look for me Sunday morning I’m in church. That won’t change and I’m not sorry about that. You don't have to go to church, just don't get me to change on that point. Lastly the old glass half full story. IS the glass half full or half empty? Given an empty glass I’m just glad I have a glass. There is always hope so Carpe Diem. (For you non Latin scholars) it means go out and SEIZE THE DAY.

My Appearance

  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Body Type: Average
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

My Life Style

  • Marital status: Widowed
  • Children: Yes, they live away from home
  • Smokes?: No
  • Drinks?: Sometimes

Golf Life

FCGatorgolfer's perfect match

Golfers are usually folks of high character so that part is covered. I believe that a potential date should be honest enough to see if they match my traits. I have a lot to offer yet I want to be sure before I take the plunge into a relationship. It’s more fun if we do things together. If you just want to golf that's fine too you never know when you can expand the circle of friends.